Chapter Established January 3, 2010

Mary Miller, Area Coordinator
2416 Nancy Lane
Modesto, CA 95350


Phone: 209-324-6045

Why did I start my chapter?
I want to make a difference in the world.  If children are our future, then we need to do everything in our power to show them the good in the world and help comfort them through the tough times in their lives!

Contact me and find out how easy it is to make a difference in a child’s life.

Written and submitted to us by one of our volunteers:

Re: Binky Patrol Disney’s Give a Day Get a Day

Once upon a time there was this wee little company by the name of Disney. They wanted to give away 1 million tickets to many special people, but there was a catch and not of a mouse! The catch was very simple… just volunteer your time to a special cause and you would be a special guest for a day in Disneyland! 
With the help of the Disney Co, Hands On Network, the Binky Patrol and a lil bit of Pixie Dust, 3 families donated their time to give children something they could snuggle and cherish during a not so fun time in their lives. The Keller, Goulart, and Szabo families cut and stitched, tied and sewed 8 beautiful quilted blankets for some very special kids at Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, Ca. We hope their wishes come true to a full recovery and our wish came true in helping them brighten their day.
Love Always,
The Keller Family ~ Jeff, Jodi, Cesilie, Whitnie and Ashleigh
The Goulart Family ~ Alfred and Pamela
The Szabo Family ~ Brent

We thank all of YOU for your help and contribution to the Binky Patrol!