Thank you for your interest in starting a chapter.  If you have arrived at this page without filling out the form, you can go back to the page here.

We process chapters 1 – 2 times per month, volunteer time permitting.

In the meantime:

We are always looking for volunteers and Area Coordinators (ACs). As an AC you can organize getting a group of volunteers together on a regular basis (such as once a month) to make blankets. You can also organize Bink-A-Thons where you get a larger group of people together for one day where you make as many blankets as possible. Making blankets is an activity for ages 5 and up. If their little fingers can tie knots in the fleece fabric which makes a fringe, they can volunteer. Learn more about Bink-A-Thons here.

Once you have the blankets, you sew a Binky Patrol label on each one and then deliver them or get a couple of people to help deliver them to specified locations. There is some paperwork involved. You’ll need to track the blankets as they come into your chapter and provide donation receipts, keep track of the deliveries you make and submit quarterly reports to Binky Patrol headquarters. This is a must and part of the commitment. It’s what keeps us compliant for the IRS. It’s the worst part of running a chapter.

Here is a link to our Area Coordinator’s Handbook for you to read through. The handbook describes the role of the area coordinator and the reports and records that are required, as well as information about the labels we put on the binkies, locating resources for materials, etc. Please note that some of the links contained in the document may not work – they will once you’ve established a chapter and are able to log into our website.If you want to have a chapter after reviewing the guidelines, reply with “Yes, please start my chapter” in the subject.

We’ll set you up at the end of the month you agreed in. We only approve and set up chapters once a month. In the meantime, join our Facebook Group – it’s a good place to ask questions and get support after you are up and running.”

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the information. I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon!

Susan Finch, Founder

Binky Patrol, Inc.