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We make blankets and give them away to children who are in need of comfort.

It’s a reminder that they matter, they are not invisible, not forgotten, and that SOMEONE cares about them.
100% volunteer – all ages and skills are welcome!

It’s easy to change lives by volunteering one hour per month.

Featured Chapter News

  • Binky Patrol is on the forever NICE list.

    Area Coordinator of our Dallas Metroplex chapter, Theresa Costin, shared this story with us. My name is Susie, and my husband, Doug, and I are weekly volunteers at Children's Health in Plano. My husband has been working as a volunteer since 2011 and I joined him in 2021, after retirement. I took a picture of your toys with the information tag that provided me with your email address. I want to personally thank you for the wonderful "crocheted critters" Binky Patrol makes and distributes to the Plano Children's Health Campus. One of our responsibilities is to load the toy cart with coloring books, crayons, and a myriad of donated toys, stuffed animals, [read the story]

Need community service hours?

Before you choose Binky Patrol for your community service, make sure the agency, school, etc., you have to report your hours to will accept us. If you have contacted a local chapter and they will not accept community service, please alert BP National Headquarters, and we will figure it out. – founder . Also, we’ve been doing this for a while and have to get a bit firmer on a few things.

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our favorite patterns

  • You will need FABRIC MARKERS AND SHARPIES, cardboard or old mat board (optional), butcher paper, masking tape - the brown kind or blue removable, scissors, coffee cans with plastic lids, rubber bands and a spray bottle with denatured alcohol & water mixed. REALLY! We do these squares at events like Race for the Cure and [read the story]

  • Crochet Pattern Central Knitting Patterns Central There is not a lot more to say than CHECK THESE free resources out for free patterns. Some resources for Free Crochet Patterns 12" Squares 6" Squares 7" Squares 8" Squares Afghans Angels Animals Appliques Baby Items Butterflies Cowls/Neckwarmers Cozies Flowers Hats Hearts Kid's Clothing [read the story]

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