Drawing on Squares with Fabric Markers

You will need FABRIC MARKERS AND SHARPIES, cardboard or old mat board (optional), butcher paper, masking tape - the brown kind or blue removable, scissors, coffee cans with plastic lids, rubber bands and a spray bottle with [...]

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Easy Strip Pieced Blanket – Our signature binky!

This is the signature BINKY pattern we use at events. They are simple and colorful. Here are some samples from our events using donated fabric. For over 27 years, Hoffman Fabrics has donated to BPHQ for [...]

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Baby Quilt Video Instructions from Needlepointers.com

Annette Rosanelli shared this: We have the full instructions on our page here: http://www.needlepointers.com/main/youtubecontent.aspx?YoutubePageID=106 They are more thorough than the Beaverton Chapter is for their "binky sandwiches." You can do it! We highly recommend safety pin basting. [...]

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