A binky is a new homemade blanket that can be sewn, knitted, crocheted, fleece tied, or quilted. They range in size from 3 feet square up to twin bed size.

All patterns are acceptable, as long as they are soft, washable and can make it through the dryer on high; since most shelters and hospitals don’t take the time for “special care” washing. Please use a 3/8″ to 1/2″ seam allowance to ensure the stability through tough washings. We heard of a recent incident where a child stuffed batting up her nose and started to choke. Double check fringe on crocheted binkies and for pins and solid seams on sewn, quilted ones.


We are not strict about a lot of things like patterns, but we do request that all binkies are from smoke-free homes. No amount of Fabreeze will remove smoke.  Our binkies are for ALL kids, so if you are adding in decorated squares with fabric markers or specialty fabrics, please be sure they are non-denominational. Some of the facilities we deliver to will reject binkies with messages about God or Jesus because it jeopardizes their funding because suddenly they can be viewed as religious based. I’m not kidding – this has happened at Ronald McDonald House and other places. They can’t risk having one person who receives a sweet binky that says, “Jesus loves you” in a ribbon on the side from reporting them. Please respect this. The love you put into your binky will not be lessened by following this guideline.


We accept all patterns. As long as the blankets are new, made from your heart, soft, and washable; they are perfect.


Please give them a good tug. You know that one loose stitch and a blanket can come apart. Please do not have any big holes that little feet can get stuck in.


We’ve had people bring knitting machines to our events. Such a wonder to watch! All patterns are welcome. Soft yarn is preferred.


We accept tied/no-sew fleece blankets, those with crocheted or sewed edges. We are super picky about these. Please follow the guidelines here. These also need to be NEW.



We add a label to our binkies so places and people know where to go if they need more, or want to help us make more blankets.

Each binky is delivered with a Binky Patrol label sewn in the corner. We have the labels. You can get some if you send us a self-addressed-stamped envelope to:

Donna Serra Area Coordinator
Binky Patrol Labels
17209 Hunter Green Rd.
Upperco, MD 21155


If there isn’t a local chapter, you may mail them to the nearest chapter (Check our list of chapters) or to Binky Patrol HQ in Oregon:
Binkies/Packages/boxes larger than the Martha Stuart/IKEA catalogs and UPS/FED EX ONLY:
Binky Patrol, Inc.
c/o Susan Finch
6490 SW Elm Avenue
Beaverton,OR 97005

Or, you can simply take our inspiration and lead — just make blankets and find a local area shelter or hospital or agency to give them to. You don’t have to be a member of Binky Patrol to do this. If you choose this option, we’re glad that we inspired you and wish you well as you help to comfort the children and teens in your area.