Sometimes we get great donations of new fabric from clothing manufacturers and fabric companies. Savannah is enjoying this batch of boxes that arrived from Hoffman Fabrics and Dennis Uniform Company.

Our chapters all have different wish lists. This is the list of our current chapters. These are our only official chapters. Usually, they will be happy to help you out if you are donating yarn, quilt batting, cotton, fleece, or flannel fabric.

PLEASE find the chapter near you. They can all give you a donation receipt for your donation of clean materials from smoke-free homes.

It’s easy to make a difference, perhaps you are cleaning out fabric stashes in your own home, or a parent is downsizing and needs to thin out what they’ve been collecting. Soft, washable yarns, flannel, fleece, cottons are always welcome. Batting is greatly needed by most chapters too.

They may have other needs that are listed on their individual chapter pages. Some chapters need these items dropped off as their ability to drive may be limited. Please be considerate of their time, effort and space. We’ve had instances where companies crossed out TRASH on boxes and wrote BINKY. It should have stayed TRASH. These are blankets for little babies and teens in need of comfort.

Stained, torn, stinky fabric isn’t welcomed. We don’t want upholstery samples, swatches. All fabric MUST be washable and dryable in typical washing machines without special care. We need the pieces at least 24″ x 18″, otherwise we start to sift through quilter scraps of the 1″ x 5″ size or smaller. We are novice sewers and quilters, most of us, at least. Be kind and think who these blankets are for.

Thank you!