Make Binkies

Binkies can be sewn, knitted, crocheted, or quilted. The only requirement is that they are at least 3′ square, soft, washable — all pins removed! and that they come from the heart. We have no set patterns because we have volunteers working with all skill levels and styles. We wouldn’t want to hinder your creativity. We have a few patterns downloadable on the site. (Add patterns links)

If you have Binkies that you want to donate, please check our Chapters section to find the Area Coordinator closest to you!

Make a Donation

The easiest way yet — especially if time is short for you is to write a tax-deductible check to Binky Patrol Inc. We also accept MasterCard and Visa. Since we are a 501c3 corporation, this is completely tax deductible. It costs Binky Patrol $50 to set up a new chapter with information packets, start-up materials, etc. Each chapter makes an average of 360 binkies per year. Some chapters make as many as 1,200 per MONTH! That’s a lot of children we are helping.

Get Your Company Involved – Matching Gifts and Events

Team building is big! Binky Patrol makes it fun and easy! Sometimes we can send speakers in person or over Zoom. Sometimes companies match volunteer hours with $ for the charity – WE LOVE THIS. Since we don’t have any paid employees, all of the money goes directly to help us make more blankets to comfort more children and teens. You can even specify for it to go to a specific chapter. If your company doesn’t do this, ask your spouse, or family members. ANYONE can make a binky. A whole group can make lots of binkies!

Receive Binkies and Deliver Them

We get a lot of people with court-ordered community service hours. This is great for us! We have people who will have to make as many as 400 blankets in a set period to satisfy the courts. They need their blankets validated, and due to some of their crimes, cannot drive to deliver them to a facility. This is where you can help. Without starting a chapter, you can verify these blankets and deliver them to your local community shelters, clinics and teens in need. You’d just have to fill out a form for each person online so we can count them into our “binkies in/binkies out” tallies. That’s it. You’d be listed on our site as a drop-off chapter only.

Gather a few friends, gather a group.

Some chapters are small – 2-3 people, some are an entire church, or school. It’s up to you. We find it’s easier to have a spreadsheet person to help with the quarterly online reports (a simple form), your cheerleader who keeps everyone going, the creative person, and someone to deliver the binkies. We’ve had chapters of one to start that are powerful in a community. You can be a drop-off (see button above) for people who just want to make blankets by you. We ask that you commit to a year. Please fill out the interest form. We add chapters once a month. Thank you for considering this!

Do you have an audience, following, tons of employees and friends?

Do you have an event you need a speaker for?

What about a news channel, radio station, podcast looking for positive community news?

Company newsletter, website, social media accounts?

Neighborhood pages, professional organization calendars and directories?

We’d appreciate it if you’d talk about us. Heck, we can even provide you with interview talent, in person speakers. We’d love to meet your people!

Host An Event. We have ideas!

Yes, you can have a blanket-making event, but you can also consider these ideas we’ve done in the past:

  1. Sponsor a booth or partial booth at a conference for us to make blankets in during the event  – very interactive.
  2. Host a golf tournament benefitting Binky Patrol national or your local chapter.
  3. Have a fabric drive – invite your people to clean out their stash, or that of their mothers!
  4. Art lesson making tie-dyed squares (sharpies and denatured alcohol) to be made into blankets – easy.
  5. Have a stack of fabric in your lobby with fabric markers. Great for waiting rooms at tire shops, car washes, and more. Decorated squares get sent to us to make into blankets.
  6. Or you can have a few people bring sewing machines to a company picnic and sew the binkies there so everyone can see – great photo ops.
  7. Get a basic sewing lesson – since we no longer teach home-ec! We can teach any group how to crochet, tie, sew – even sew on buttons!
  8. Invite us to be part of your silent auction or host one that benefits Binky Patrol or several local charities. We have lots of ideas for this!
  9. Community garage sales can donate a portion to Binky Patrol.

We have many more ideas – this is just to get you thinking.