105, 2024

EP58: Community Grants – It can’t hurt to apply.

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Jeanne Malgioglio, teacher, Area Coordinator for the Monroe-Trumbull, CT chapter, tells the story of a community grant she received recently. She was a bit intimidated but decided to go for it. This will keep her chapter funded for a very long time and allow her to continue helping other local agencies through [...]

2404, 2024

EP57: The Power of Collaboration: Amplifying Nonprofit Missions Guest: Angie Marie

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In this episode of All Volunteer All Heart from Binky Patrol, host Susan Finch welcomes Angie Marie, a community leader from Hood River, Oregon. Angie shares her inspiring story of creating Gorge SpeakEasy, a monthly storytelling event that brings together diverse members of the community while supporting local nonprofits. Through volunteer efforts [...]

1804, 2024

EP56: Your Most Value Asset – Time Management & Volunteers

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Volunteer time management is often overlooked as a value, as an asset. But it is the most valuable donation your organization receives. The dollars you receive are precious - are they being used most effectively? Tracking the time your staff and volunteers spend will help you see where you are getting the [...]

1404, 2024

Binky Patrol is on the forever NICE list.

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Area Coordinator of our Dallas Metroplex chapter, Theresa Costin, shared this story with us. My name is Susie, and my husband, Doug, and I are weekly volunteers at Children's Health in Plano. My husband has been working as a volunteer since 2011 and I joined him in 2021, after retirement. I took [...]

204, 2024

EP55: The Ripple Effect of a Book on Middle School Students

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Jeanne Malgioglio tells us about her outstanding week at her school. Her students were studying the book, "I Will Always Write Back" by authors Caitlin Alfirenka and Martin Ganda, with Liz Welch. It's a story of friendship, being open to new ideas across the globe and choosing to make things better. Jeanne's [...]

2803, 2024

EP54: Protecting Your Non-Profit from Image Copyright Infringements

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Scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to exploit individuals and organizations. As a nonprofit or small business, staying vigilant and protecting yourself from photo copyright infringement scams is crucial. In this informative PSA episode, Susan Finch from All-Volunteer, All Heart from Binky Patrol shares her recent experience with a suspicious [...]

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