Our Mission

We are an all-volunteer, national, non-profit organization making and distributing homemade blankets to children born drug-addicted, infected with AIDS or who are battling other chronic & terminal illnesses, homeless, victims of violent crimes, those who are abused, in foster care, or experiencing trauma of any kind.

Our Recipients Are From 0 – 18

Economic demographics, race, social status play no role in the decision of who gets binkies. We simply check our local area shelters, hospitals, emergency foster care and other agencies to see who has the need we can help fill.

We encourage our chapters to build local community by seeking the “invisible kids” near them.Those who have been forgotten, not been seen, not heard are the ones we seek to comfort. Children and teens may experience trauma when a parent or sibling is ill or has passed away. These children need binkies too – not just the ones in the hospital. They need a gift – a reminder – that they, too are loved and thought of by someone who cares.

Our Leadership

Susan Finch
Susan FinchFounder/President
Since 1996

Susan came from an advertising and public relations background.  After an attempt at retail, she was ready to get back into Public Relations.  On the way, she spent an afternoon “making up” Binky Patrol.  It was a concept that embodied what her mother had taught her. When you are feeling badly for yourself or it’s not going your way, get out of yourself and do something for others. Since 2000, Susan has a full-time podcast production company, Funnel Media Group and her marketing business, Susan Finch Solutions. Visit her chapter here.

Miriam Siegel
Miriam SiegelVice President
Since 1996

Miriam was one of the first four original volunteers. She has always understood the Binky Patrol vision.  She has gone through several growth spurts and jumped in in any capacity that was needed to keep things running smoothly.

Her heart is 100% binky.She is a daily example of giving just to give and not to receive a thank you in return.

Laurie Smith
Laurie SmithSecretary / Director / Advisor
Since 1996

Laurie was also one of the first four original volunteers. In her professional life, she nurtures teens into new academic and professional skills that will strengthen and expand their futures. With Binky Patrol, she’s been an advisor for over 20 years. She also has an ever-revolving fabric stash that she chips away at on those cloudy days in Laguna Beach. Susan says Laurie was one of those rare gifts you get when you put like hearts together.

Her heart is 100% binky in all aspects in her life.

Thomas Finch
Thomas FinchDirector / Treasurer
Since 1996

Tom was gladly roped into this position. He has watched Binky Patrol evolve from the first day in 1996. Although he’s capable of making binkies, he prefers to make deliveries, take care of the banking, shipping and offer troubleshooting support when chapters try to make it too complicated. His advertising and marketing background has come in handy with regard to promoting Binky Patrol and direct volunteer hours and projects to have the greatest outcome with the least amount of effort.

Carolyn Berndt
Carolyn BerndtDirecgtor / Publicity
Since 1997

Carolyn came to Binky Patrol originally to help with deliveries. As we all became hooked on her outlook, humor and willingness to help, her efforts expanded rapidly into public relations and support for schools and scout troops taking on Binky Patrol as a major project or event.

Marlys Vaughan
Marlys VaughanDirector/Chapter Support
Since 2005

Marlys has an extensive background in higher education administration and budget management. She teaches crocheting and other crafts classes, and has been volunteering her services in website support for the Binky Patrol since June 2005. She enjoys volunteering her time to help make a difference in people’s lives and enjoys using her creative talents to create items that comfort children in need and animals in distress. Visit her chapter here.

Donna Serra
Donna SerraDirector / Chapter Support
Since 1996

Donna managed to not only raise funds for Binky Patrol the first few years, she also gave of her own time to support and welcome each new chapter and send out blankets and bears to anyone who contacted her.  She was a one woman chapter for a number of years. Her heart is 100% Binky!  We are blessed to have her. Visit her chapter page.

Terrie Madruga
Terrie MadrugaDirector
Since 1997

Terrie became a constant in Binky Patrol in 1997. She’s been our anchor in Northern California, served as a chapter mentor and is always willing to jump in on any national effort. Her humor, warmth and dedication to comforting the children in her community bring her into this widening group of “gifts” we have received in Binky Patrol. Visit her chapter page.

Jeanne Malgioglio
Jeanne MalgioglioChapter Mentor
Since 2007

Jeanne came to us shortly after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Her positive attitude and always saying yes to all opportunities to share Binky Patrol – on the news, at events, in her community motivate all of us to push ourselves a bit more, be brave, and ALWAYS have fun. You can see a recent interview with her local paper here.

Savannah Finch
Savannah FinchChapter and Website Support
Since 2001

To say Savannah has been part of Binky Patrol her entire life is no exaggeration. Her first Bink-A-Thon she was in a sling at 2 weeks old. She has recently started a chapter in Boise, ID and helps us stay in touch with our Area Coordinators to see if BPHQ can offer any support to our regional leaders.  Visit her chapter here.