2101, 2024

Janus Youth Services to Receive Binkies

Categories: Chapter News|

The Janus Youth Services Insights Teen Parent program will be receiving binkies this week from the Beaverton, OR, chapter. Pam Head is surrounded by volunteers who, no matter how icy, snowy, cold, or lack of power, are still making items to help the local community. Last year, Insights provided safe housing to [...]

1601, 2024

Holy Scripture Lutheran Church Makes Binkies

Categories: Chapter News, Events|

On November 27th, our church Teen Group sponsored a fleece blanket-making evening! We invited parents, grandparents, and friends to come enjoy time together, serving others in the community by making fleece blankets for Binky Patrol. We had 11 teens and 11 adults join us and were able to complete 11 blankets for [...]

1301, 2024

Weave Bonds, Warm Hearts: Team Up with Binky Patrol

Categories: How To, You Can Help|

Imagine this: your office hums with the buzz of creative collaboration, laughter dances in the air, and hearts swell with the warmth of giving back. Sounds pretty dreamy, right? It's all achievable with these Binky Patrol-inspired activities designed to build stronger teams, boost employee happiness, and spread some serious goodwill in [...]

401, 2024

Woman’s World – The Power of Love

Categories: Partners|

We were contacted by journalist, Jen Reader, about submitting an article to Woman's World Magazine. She was so kind to advocate for this story. She wrote a thoughtful piece, included photos of our choosing and hit the story about Binky Patrol 100%! We are grateful to her and Woman's World Magazine. Here [...]

2912, 2023

19,000 Smiles in Monroe Connecticut

Categories: Chapter News|

The Monroe/Trumbull CT chapter of Binky Patrol has a lot to smile about these days. Not only will they be celebrating their 10th anniversary this January, but the 19,000 binky was just tagged! This binky will be one of 26 that will be welcoming back the children who attend the Bridgeport campus [...]

2712, 2023

Annie’s Kit Clubs

Categories: Partners|

Annie’s is passionate about working with charities that make a positive difference in the lives of those in need. When Annie’s project managers learned that Binky Patrol donates blankets to children and teens in difficult circumstances, we knew that we wanted to support Binky Patrol through Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club! We [...]

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