On November 27th, our church Teen Group sponsored a fleece blanket-making evening! We invited parents, grandparents, and friends to come enjoy time together, serving others in the community by making fleece blankets for Binky Patrol. We had 11 teens and 11 adults join us and were able to complete 11 blankets for foster care children.

Everyone had a great time serving, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

“I was so happy to find the Binky Patrol page on my hopeful Google search of where to donate fleece blankets! I facilitate my church’s teen group and upon asking them what they would like to do, they chose making fleece blankets for children.

We are located in Midland, Michigan. I looked up the chapters and it appeared that Kalamazoo was the closest to us.

We had a great time and invited any parents or grandparents to attend with their teens, which made the experience a fun intergenerational project. We were planning on having a family bring them down to Kalamazoo over Christmas, but their plans fell through, so we sent them a few days ago. Here are some pictures from the event!

Danica Kerr