Santa Monica Chapter

Sue C. Ochoa – Area Coordinator 

We are an all-volunteer, national, non-profit organization dedicated to making blankets and giving  them to children who are ill, abused, in shelters, hospitals and experiencing any type of trauma.
Blankets can be sewn, quilted, crocheted, knitted or tied. Easy way to make a difference – spread the word or use your talent to help comfort children and teens in need.

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Please watch this video:  Binky Patrol – what we do for kids and what happens to a Binky

If you are interested in joining Binky Patrol but don’t yet know how to knit or crochet, one of these websites might be helpful to you.  Or, just come to a meeting – there is always someone willing to teach! 


 Sara’s home


Vaccinated members only, please! 

We deliver binkies year-round. If you know of a shelter or other charity that needs binkies, please let us know. There are many opportunities to get involved in the Santa Monica Chapter; we have lots of ideas and can use more heads, hands and hearts to help. Please contact us to find out how you can get involved.


  • Yarn
  • No-sew fleece
  • Knitting needles
  • Crochet hooks





Our wonderful, fabulous, talented Chris Davis is leaving California. Our loss is Wisconsin’s gain.
Thanks for all your wonderful contributions. You will be very missed.
Alexa, our newest member
“Thank you to the Binky Patrol and Judith and Jane. Kayden loves his special play mat!”
–Bernice, Kayden and Keenan
Giving Blankets, Touching Hearts

The Binky Patrol is a very busy group of volunteers with local and national chapters who create beautiful handmade quilts, blankets and animals in order to brighten lives and bring smiles. Lucky for Partners for Pediatric Vision, the Binky Patrol has been donating these works of art to our children and families for over 10 years. During that time, the Binky Patrol has made hundreds of blankets from baby size receiving blankets to snuggly TV blankets for our teens. Children and families receive these incredible gifts of love when they are seen at our partner low vision clinics.

Recently, Judith and Jane, members of the Binky Patrol, were inspired to create interactive tactile play mats for our children with visual impairment. These play mats include tactile roads with garages for a toy car, and a mermaid themed play mat complete with velcro fish and seaweed made from fabrics that invite exploration. Significant planning and thought goes into each unique play mat. The high contrast colors and patterns and the variety of textures and fabrics are designed to encourage visual attention and tactile learning.

We are grateful to the Binky Patrol, Judith and Jane for the time and creativity that goes into crafting these gifts of love. They bring smiles and touch the hearts of all of us at Partners for Pediatric.

A Child’s Dream
A Child’s Dream Judith Rasson
Some more of the amazing things Jane Gerber and Judith Rasson
are making for Partners for Pediatric Vision
Jane and Judith’s beautiful handiwork for Partners for Pediatric Vision
Jane’s adorable dolls!









Jaime, Sonja, Harold, Yiming, Sue, Jane, Sylvia, Sara

Making binkies, chemo hats, and octopus toys


Working on our newest project

Julie and her new circular knitting needle

This is what we’re making

Such fun!



Our gracious hosts, Sara and Harold Lewis

Kisha teaching Cynthia to crochet

Ladies of the Santa Monica Chapter

Welcome our new friends from One Brick

Meng ~ Justina ~ Kari ~ Mary

Sara Lewis ~ Meng ~ Justina ~ Kari ~ Mary


Jennifer and Faith Cuevo and Madison Barker, from Troop 12261, 5th graders at St. Philip the Apostle School, Pasadena

Elina and her binky


October meeting at Rosemary’s home

Binky Patrol and One Brick volunteers

Jaime teaching Tanya to crochet

Yiming and her amazing Binky Yiming back home in China
Jaime and Dave on a crochet cruise!!

A big THANKS to our generous Donors

Sasha & Claire
8th graders,  St. Lucy School, Long Beach

The Center for the Partially Sighted

The Center for the Partially Sighted

Brownie Troop 2666

Brownie Troop 2666

Thanks to Cynthia Schorr

Binkies made by our own Jaime Piñeda

Delta Sigma Pi, Loyola Marymount University


Fleece – Before and After!



Kisha, Sara, Miriam, Sally & Marlene with Jaime’s amazing Binky

Rosemary with Helen’s “crazy quilt”

Give a Day / Get a Day Disney

Cassandra and her mom, Rosemary

Aliza and Reign


Thanks to the UCLA students who contributed 10 adorable binkies!

Making Binky’s at UCLA

Click here for more pictures

“Deputy” David Thompson helping deliver binkies

Warmth From My Heart UCLA Memory Boxes


Ben Fatmbku ~ Partners for Pediatric Vision
Patient at The Center for the Partially Sighted Patient and his sweet sister

Children’s Lifesaving Foundation

Kate at Baby2Baby with

Chris’s quilt

St. Anne’s  with Jane’s

stuffed animal


 Centro Medico MacArthur Park

 Centro Medico MacArthur Park


Centro Medico Baby Shower – Anita, Maricruz, Angela


Center for the Partially Sighted

Center for the Partially Sighted

Center for the Partially Sighted




Anita Olaya, Centro Medico MacArthur Park

Helen (BP) Irene, Janice, Tori – Center for the Partially Sighted

Kristian Alexander – Children of the Night

Garden of Palms

Jenesse Center

Edina at Baby2Baby

St. Anne’s

St. Anne’s

To read where we have delivered binkies, please visit this article >>BINKIES HAVE BEEN DELIVERED TO:

Westside Family Health Center honoring volunteerism with the D. Gene Parks, M.D. Community Volunteer Service Award.
Binky Patrol’s Santa Monica chapter was honored with the Organization Award.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their beautiful binkies, yarn and time. 

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Diane Holland Billy Loye Helen Ross

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