This chapter usually just collects Binkies and delivers them.

We are accepting binkies of all types ALWAYS!
We will accept batting and gift cards to JoAnn Fabrics.
All donations are tax deductible.

Recent delivery made by 8th and 5th grade students at Raleigh Hills for Porch Light Shelter in Portland.

Kristen Kepner making binkies!

We have local alliances. Feel free to check them out too:

This chapter is currently partnering with The Angels in the Outfield to help victims of violent crimes.

Dinner and a Movie Healing the effects of abuse through holistic relationships with Portland’s homeless.

Northwest Children’s Outreach functions as a collection and distribution center, collecting resources for these children and distributing the goods to local Care Providers who meet directly with and prescreen the children.

Susan Finch, Founder