Remote community service hours verified

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” — Muhammad Ali

You’ve heard it on the news and in the classroom; “get out there and help your community.” But sometimes, “getting out there” is easier said than done. Many of us have people and things to care for within our own homes, and can’t always run the charity marathon or volunteer at the library. If you’re like Samantha Hood, you still want to help others despite the needs keeping us home. And what better way to help others from the comfort of your home than by providing comfort to those outside your home. Simply put, Binky Patrol is an organization that changes lives, and you can help out from your couch. All you need is a pair of scissors and a few big pieces of fleece.

 “I really enjoyed this community service work and being able to stay home with my daughters while I did it was a life saver! I dropped off the 67 binkies yesterday at NW Children’s Outreach Center.”

Samantha Hood and her daughter making a delivery!?Thanks to Samantha and her adorable girls, 67 lives were changed and comforted this spring. Starting in early February, with a helpful fleece sale at Michael’s, Samantha got to work. For the next couple months, she created blankets that would eventually provide warmth and security to those in need in our own backyard.

Whether community service is something you want or have to do, you cannot only better someone else’s life, but yours as well. And with Binky Patrol, you won’t feel like you’re doing work; you’ll feel like you’re contributing to your community. As Samantha said, “I just need a letter with 80 hours. I think I went over a little but like I said it became less about the hours and more about feeling like I could do something positive and productive while at home with the girls.” 

So the next time you have all your girlfriends over, binge the new season of Peaky Blinders, or watch your team get knocked out of the playoffs, bring a pair of scissors and some fleece with you to the couch. Your time can serve others and all you have to do is make a cozy blanket. 

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