• DATE: October 19, 2024

  • TIME: Varies by Location


    Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Beaverton, OR

We are making as many blankets as possible on this day and donating them to local area agencies that serve victims of violent crimes and other abuses.

MrBallen Foundation is joining us to make this possible.

Will you help us?
Do you want to join us that day and help make a ton of blankets?

This is for anyone interested in participating in the October 19, 2024 blanket-making event – a Bink-A-Thon.

A Bink-A-Thon is where we make all types of blankets in 5-6 hours.
They can be sewn, knitted (yes – people bring knitting machines!), tied fleece. There is something to do for EVERYONE. All ages are welcome with parents.
Remember to bring a sharp pair of scissors for each person.

If you are bringing a sewing machine, please let us know.
Please bring a cord and power strip with your name on them, too!

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Tell us about how you want to help
And are they sewing with a machine? How do they want to help?

Thank you for considering this event!