Kimberly Legg, Area Coordinator for our Temecula chapter sent in these photos of a sibling blanket-making team. They just dropped off 70 binkies! What a great project for them to do together. The Temecula chapter will deliver them to local foster care agencies.

Here are some ideas for how to incorporate blanket-making projects into family gatherings:

  1. Family Reunion Blanket-Making: At your next family reunion, set aside a few hours for everyone to work together on making blankets. Rent out a community center or park pavilion with tables where people can work. Have a few sewing machines for finishing edges and assign tasks like cutting, pinning, ironing etc. Make it fun by playing music and providing snacks. We call these Bink-A-Thons! They are a blast!
  2. Holiday Volunteer Outing: During the holidays when family is in town, plan a group volunteer outing to the Temecula Binky Patrol chapter or charity with holiday events needing volunteers. You can check If it’s for Temecula Binky Patrol, call ahead to see what supplies they need and have everyone bring fleece, scissors, rulers etc. Spend a morning making blankets together and then deliver them to the chapter.
  3. Baby Shower Benefit: For the next baby shower in the family, ask guests to bring blanket-making supplies in lieu of gifts. Set up tables at the shower venue and have guests make blankets for Binky Patrol in honor of the mom-to-be. What a beautiful way to celebrate new life by giving comfort to babies in need. You can also go shopping as a group for baby supplies and equipment to donate to a local pregnancy or battered women’s shelter.
  4. Intergenerational Activity: Have grandparents teach kids and grandkids their sewing and quilting skills. Work side-by-side on simple no-sew fleece blankets or sew patchwork blankets for Binky Patrol. It’s a wonderful way to pass on family traditions while helping others.
  5. Birthday Party with Purpose: For their next birthday party, have the birthday boy or girl request blanket-making supplies instead of gifts. Guests can spend part of the party making no-sew blankets and then the birthday child can deliver them to the local foster care agency or Binky Patrol chapter.
  6. Church/Temple Group Effort: See if you can recruit members of your church, temple, or mosque to support Binky Patrol. Hold blanket-making events in the social hall and get the youth group involved in designing fun tie-blanket patterns.

The opportunities are endless! Your family’s efforts will bring so much comfort to Southern California children in need. Thank you for making a difference through Binky Patrol!