Mr. Ballen Foundation

Mark your calendar for October 28, 2023, National Make a Difference Day.

Chapters across the country will be teaming up with Mr. Ballen for a national Bink-A-Thon to make as many blankets in a day to benefit victims of violent crimes.

Each location will deliver its blankets locally.

Stay tuned for the location list.

More about Mr. Ballen

When former Navy SEAL John Allen–better known to his podcast and Youtube followers as MrBallen– spins a tale online about the strange dark and mysterious, he knows that at the heart of each story he tells are real people whose real lives have often been shattered by crime or violence.

And his audience knows it too. “I can’t tell you how many people have reached out to me asking if there is something they can do to help victims and families.”

Founded in 2022–The MrBallen Foundation is MrBallen’s way to honor this impulse among his followers, and give back to survivors a portion of the money he earns by telling their stories. They found Binky Patrol and wanted a way to help us make an impact by supporting their mission. We knew EXACTLY what to do! A National-Bink-A-Thon.

On October 28 across the country chapters will be hosting a blanket-making event for all ages. Some locations will have sewing machines set up, some will only be doing the fleece type of blankets. We’ll have more information soon. At least mark your calendar for now!