We are having two Bink-a-Thons October 8. One in Monroe, Connecticut, and one in Beaverton, Oregon.  A little friendly competition never hurts, right? I really want to win. Jeanne Malgioglio usually wins. But really who wins? The kids who will get the binkies we are all making that day.  This is a fun opportunity to  connect multiple chapters. This is a great idea for other hands-on charities that have multiple locations. We will most likely be broadcasting live that day on Facebook and YouTube. This is a short episode just for fun and a little spunky.  You can sign up for the Beaverton, OR event here.



A Bink-A-Thon is an event where we gather as many people as possible to make as many blankets as possible within 4 to 6 hours. Blankets can be sewn or tied. We usually have a couple of dozen people on sewing machines, many people helping with pinning, cutting, tying, bagging. There is something for everyone to do. We’ve been doing these since our first year in 1996 and they end up being more like a reunion for the volunteers who attend every one of them. We’ve more than 25 here in Oregon since we moved here 17 years ago.