People want to be part of a community and a company that isn’t only focused on the bottom line. Aligning with a worthy charity can fill that gap, and fill your hearts. You can also retain talent longer and attract more of the types of people you want working with you. Tim Johnson joined Binky Patrol 25 years ago when he bought is wife an elaborate sewing machine. Their entire family joined, and then the company he worked for, BMC Software. It was about actually doing something – not just writing a check. They involved all teams around the world and even those visiting the offices. Everyone was invited to get to know Binky Patrol by decorating squares for quilts, and participating in their company Bink-A-Thon. They were all in. Tune in for ideas of how you might consider getting your company involved with a charity – even if it’s not Binky Patrol. What touches the heart of your team?