The Legg family has welcomed over 30 foster children through their home and each one receives and leaves with a Binky Patrol blanket. They also have adopted four children from the foster system. She tells us about a child that arrived two weeks ago at her home. And just two Fridays ago, we received a, a little baby girl. And during the drop off of them inspecting our homes and whatnot. I had six blankets that had been delivered to our house and they were sitting on the porch. And, uh, the case worker that had come through said are those Binky blankets? And I said, they are. And she said, “I’m headed back to the command post. I have 18 teenagers that are sleeping in the command post right now. There aren’t a lot of available foster homes.” And so a lot of the older children are staying in the command post, and she said, “Can I take them? At least six will have blankets tonight.”

Kimberly Legg’s 19-year-old daughter says, “Mom if there’s any other child that has a circumstance like mine, I wanna help to make sure that they have something that they can call their own for no matter how many years they’ve been in the system or how many years they’ve been when they’re adopted or, that they have something they can call their own.” Listen to the rest of this full-circle story.