Hobbies change, people die, and people downsize. Many times this results in a ton of fabric purchased for those projects that were never completed. Binky Patrol has been fortunate for over 27 years to receive a lot of fabric through these circumstances. It’s a great way to honor the person who has passed or to make mom feel better about downsizing.

We give tax donation receipts by the box or the bag of fabric. Think about all of the stashes tucked away in your home, your mom’s, your grandmother’s. It could be given to a local chapter of Binky Patrol to be made into blankets to comfort children and teens in need. Perhaps you just don’t like the fabric. If you clear it out, you can get MORE fabric to your liking. OOOOO, how does that sound? Marlys Vaughan joins Susan to talk about some of the windfalls of fabric her chapter has received over the years. This can make all the difference for volunteers who have time but limited financial resources to purchase the fabric.

Some of the fabrics that are the most helpful include cotton, flannel, fleece, and sometimes that silky ribbon for binding on the edges. Double-knit polyesters are not ideal. Denim is great for larger blankets – torn jeans can make great backings. It all has to be washable in industrial machines. Some of our chapters receive donations from hotels with damaged sheets. These are great for backings. Soft yarn is ALWAYS welcomed too.