Wade Perry joined Susan after his first annual Coventry Summer Jam in Littleton, Colorado. He goes through the expense and return of this event. The expense is all under marketing, the return is beyond what he had hoped. This event benefitted the School of Rock in Littleton. They raised enough for ten scholarships. Seeing and hearing everyone enjoying this event in their local park was the best gift. Listen to this to hear how a small business or two can align with a charity to give so much to a community overall, and directly to a charity. It wasn’t that hard. They are already talking about next year.

Wade offered to talk to anyone who wants more information on how they can host a similar event in their community. Susan Finch is also available to anyone who wants to brainstorm events. Wade can be reached wade@perrypropertiesgroup.com.



Here are the steps Wade recommends.

1. Find a local quality band that has a danceable set.

2. Local food trucks.

3. Partners who may be willing to share the expense.

4. A local charity you are truly attached to – you have to be all in.

5. Charity is always the focus. You are in the background.

6. Best to keep it a smaller community event under 500 people.

7. Pull permits.

Plan this starting at least six months out.