Wil and Liam are back with Susan talking about what the homeless in Portland really need, and it’s not tiny houses. They need to kick addictions, get teeth, get an ID, get a ride and sometimes that’s all it takes to get them off the streets. Dinner and a Movie has great gift cards you can give instead of having mugs printed with your company name for client gifts. The focus is on helping one person as a time, not unlike Binky Patrol comforting one child at a time. Don’t try to solve the issue with one big stroke. You can’t. No one can. It takes time with individuals. Throwing money and building tiny houses won’t do it. It just tucks them away and lines the pockets of those involved in “solving.” Listen to this episode to hear real stories from people helping those on the streets of all ages in this episode of All Volunteer, All Heart from Binky Patrol, “How to REALLY help the homeless in Portland.”



60 percent of all of those on the street are there because of drug addiction. They don’t want to be restricted by the rules of tiny home communities. They need recovery – now. Most have suffered from neglect or sexual abuse as children. These are the two connecting threads. They have varying levels of education, skills and unique interests that could have them independent if they could break the cycle of addiction. This isn’t just adults, this is for teens on the streets too. Help Dinner and a Movie help them.