Have you ever known the family was coming over, but because of the weather, and varying ages, you didn’t quite know what to do with everyone after the meal? What about when your office and workload are lighter due to the upcoming holidays, end-of-year vacations, and more? A great way to bring these groups of people together is to make blankets. It’s a chance to lift some of the annual awkwardness, stay busy for those fidgety people, and change lives. Make blankets. We sometimes forget to talk about the overall mission of Binky Patrol. Binky Patrol makes blankets and gives them away to children and teens in need of comfort. Those invisible kids who need a reminder that they matter, they are not forgotten, and that someone cares about them. We do this through handmade blankets – they can be sewn, quilted, crocheted, knitted, or tied – just so they come from your heart and are washable, they are perfect. Please listen to this 7-minute episode.

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