Continuing the MrBallen Foundation Series, join this conversation on a topic close to many hearts – child abuse and the journey toward healing. Dr. Gina Crean from the Nashville Children’s Alliance joins Susan Finch to discuss the challenges faced by children who have undergone traumatic experiences and the support provided by Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) across the United States. Dr. Crean highlights the importance of minimizing retraumatization by following similar protocols across all CACs while adapting to local needs and resources. They discuss the critical role of supportive adults, community awareness, and how even small contributions, like donating snacks or blankets, can significantly impact. Dr. Crean encourages listeners to reach out for support, whether for themselves or others, and underscores the importance of starting conversations about child abuse to eliminate its stigma. This conversation is not just an eye-opener but also a call to action for everyone to contribute in their own way to support the healing journey of affected children. Join them for this episode: Healing Young Hearts: Supporting Traumatized Children Together.



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