Susan Finch is joined by Coleen Gose, a professional speaker and domestic violence survivor, to explore the power of storytelling for nonprofit leaders. Gose’s journey from finding her voice to becoming a professional speaker is inspiring and insightful. The episode delves into the importance of nonprofit leaders honing their speaking skills, the value of joining organizations like Toastmasters, and the impact of feedback in improving speaking abilities. Coleen and Susan also discuss the versatility of storytelling across various platforms, such as public speaking, remote presentations, and fundraising.

This episode is packed with valuable advice and encouragement for nonprofit leaders looking to enhance their speaking skills and effectively share their organization’s mission and impact. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with practical tips to take the stage with confidence and drive action.



Links from this episode:

Coleen Gose on LinkedIn

Coleen’s website

Coleen’s book, “A Woman’s Journey of a Lifetime: Thriving Through the Transitions of Life.”

Find your local Toastmasters Chapter here.

About Coleen Gose:

As a Professional Speaker and Healthy Relationship Coach, Coleen has made it her mission to help corporate professionals build healthy relationships by teaching them transformational skills to build lasting and enriching connections. Coleen believes that we all deserve the room to grow unjudged, take risks, find the best version of ourselves, and still be loved

Coleen earned her BA in Law and Justice from Central Washington University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Trauma Informed Coach and Published Author. She is the founder of Life 2.0 Coaching with Coleen.