When we deliver binkies we encounter angels of hope. Our guest today, Liz Bias, is an angel of hope for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. As a survivor herself, she knows exactly what they are going through. A lot of these women when they leave, have nothing. They have no clothes, and their driver’s license and their social security have been taken from them by their abuser.

Sarah’s House gives them all the resources and the contacts where they can make the phone calls and set up the appointments so they can get back their license, and the paperwork that they need so they can get a job. And you always have some that go back to their abuser – that is heartbreaking for someone like Liz. Our Guest Liz Bias helps usher these women into a better life and break these habits. Listen to her story and what she’s done to turn it around by creating the Wounded Heart Foundation in Texas.