Time to plan your next team-building event. Oh goodie!

You’ve done the ropes courses in the trees, firewalking, mystery nights, carnivals, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, shark tank, memory wall, but how much time did your team actually spend asking each other non-scripted questions?

How many ideas were floated around without prompts?

Maybe you need an event that connects through compassion.
Maybe your corporate team events need Binky Patrol.

Binky Patrol is a 501c3, all-volunteer organization that makes blankets for kids who are ill, abused, homeless, and experiencing trauma.

Your team can be taught within 10 minutes how to make a blanket in small groups. Your blankets can then be donated to a local area shelter or clinic in your community.

Corporate team building events

Idea 1: Have an easy blanket-making event.

All you need are GOOD scissors for all and some polar fleece enough for each group of 4 to make 1-2 blankets!

Planning level: EASY
Skill level: EASY
Investment: Minor
Event time: 1-3 hours – your choice.

Baby shower for shelters.

Idea 2: Host a baby shower to benefit a local area clinic or shelter.

Invite the current residents who are due and get their list of what they need.

The team building event is more festive and, dare we say, feminine, but it’s so fun to engage these women in conversations, encourage them and show them you care.

Planning level: months in advance
Skill level: medium for party planners.
Investment: Figure about $25 per person attending for food, decorations, and group gifts for the moms.
Event time: 2-4 hours.

Decorate squares, make them into blankets.

Idea 3: Create artful binkies.

Get sheets from a local area hotel – they donate to us all the time or buy that same type of fabric. Cut and decorate squares with Sharpies. We use a heart stencil so they actually go together and look like a pattern. These are then alternated with squares of upbeat fabric – sewn and made into blankets given to local area shelters. You can just do the square decorating.

One software company used to keep fabric and Sharpies in their reception area and invited guests to decorate them. They had a company picnic with 4 people sewing them into blankets that day. They looked like stained glass windows! The company delivered them to a local area battered women’s shelter, along with a donation to help the women.

Planning level: EASY
Skill level: EASY
Investment: Minor
Event time: 1 hour to learn about Binky Partrol, decorate squares. More time if they are being sewn.

As you can see, there are a ton of ideas and ways to have a more thoughtful, engaging events.Cpntact us to noodle more ideas on how your company can host an impactful team building event!

Do you offer matching hours for employee volunteer time?

Donate that money to Binky Patrol so they can buy more fabric to make into more blankets to comfort more kids. EASY, fun, and can be done ANYWHERE inside or outside.

Call Binky Patrol founder, Susan Finch directly at 503-372-5444 or email her: sfinch@binkypatrol.org to talk about the options that will fit your group best. She has TONS of ideas so be ready!