Time to get your fingers nimble for our 7th Annual

Across the nation, our chapters will be holding their Bink-A-Thon’s at local locations to be determined.  Check you local chapter page to see where they are or check this article for additional information.  Since it is only February, our chapters haven’t deteremined their locations and details yet.  Keep checking back.

Our Bink-A-Thon will be on National Make a Difference Day – Saturday, October 25, 2003.  The goal — make as many binkies as possible from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Help your local chapter!  Do it on your own with friends!  Host your own local Bink-A-Thon!  Want more information? Click on the Bink-A-Thon link to learn more about this event and how easy and fun it can be.