Jared's deliveryWhen you are given 350 community service hours in Winter, you need options fast. Jared found Binky Patrol and brought his big heart, sharp scissors, and willingness to get this done!

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“Hello, my name is Jared Kolb, and I was referred to Binky Patrol for community service hours. The hours I require are (unfortunately) due to a DUI I was charged with in 2016. I need to do 350 hours, and I need something I can do from home, due to the nature of my work. I am more than willing to make many blankets for those in need. I live in Denver, Colorado, so I believe making blankets is a great way to serve the community as well, given that it is currently winter. 

Jared's delivery

Here you go! – a photo of the truck containing the blankets with the organization’s sign in the background, a selfie of me with the truck and blankets in the background (notice the second level of blankets stacked on top of the boxes in the back of the truck!), Don’t be thrown off by the stacks of scrap pieces of fleece without a fringe that appear in the photos. That is 350 binkies + scrap pieces of fleece that they said they wanted as well!”

Jared not only made all of the balnkets, and got them delivered, he’s going to put together an annual event with friends and co-workers to keep Catholic Charities by him supplied with blankets for the two shelters they operate. We think of community service hours as the hello to volunteerism. We are grateful Jared found us.