As of Tuesday, May 10 – over 1870 binkies have been made by the Girl Scouts of Orange County!

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You! We have once again PASSED our goal of Binkies collected on Binky Drop Off Day…


There are about 1,500 more Binky labels floating around out there so I know that our count will continue to grow over the next few days/weeks.

Please pass this information on to anyone and everyone you see fit.

If you know of anyone who still has Binkies that need to be turned in, please have them e-mail me directly at to let me know how many Binkies they have and then they can e-mail Carolyn from the Binky Patrol at for drop off locations.

Thank you very much for all your hard work. I, along with the Binky Patrol and all Binky recipients appreciate your time and effort.

Have a great day.

Mimi Askew
Girl Scout Council of Orange County
Program Specialist – Special Programs
714-979-7900 Ext. 350

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