Annual Meeting to Benefit Foster Children

A nationwide picnic is how we are celebrating six years of Binky Patrol fun and over 150,000 binkies delivered.  More info will be added over the next two months to this article.  The celebration is Saturday, June 22.  Check with your local chapter to see who is participating in this event.

Locations, details to come by the end of March.  Please check back then — maybe sooner!  This will be a big picnic.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, etc. will be needed.  Many chapters are turning into a pot luck. 

Tables are needed for each location so that people can eat and draw on squares that will be made into binkies.

Some chapters will be having games – sack races, balloon toss, etc. and will need help with these acitivities.  There are many ways to help and participate.  Each participating chapter will set it up their own way and will post this information on their chapter page.  the list of participating chapters will be here as well.  We will add to the list as we know who is participating.