Times are changing, but the taxes still need to be filed

Times are changing, but the taxes still need to be filed.  This is the one major expense we have each year and with donations slowing down with the economic downturn, we need to find one or two corporate sponsors to cover our bill from the CPA in order to continue as a 501c3. 

After 16 years of running on faith and donations, our taxes have become more expensive to file with a CPA and we do not have the funds for the first time to pay to get these done by our CPA.  We need your help to continue Binky Patrol.  The services of a CPA run about $850 each year.

Corporate sponsors helping with this SOS will receive: a banner ad on our website, the ability to send an e-newsletter to our subscribers (10,000) two times in the year they sponsor and be featured with links to your site and import of any RSS feeds you may have.

If you are interested in donating to Binky Patrol, you can do it here.
If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor for our one major expense, please contact Binky Patrol Founder, Susan Finch directly:  sfinch@binkypatrol.org or 503-807-4543.

For the most part, our chapters run independantly and are able to get donations of fabric and yarn. Sometimes they do local fundraisers for batting and other supplies.  We don’t need a lot of money to run Binky Patrol, just accounting, PO Box fee and other minor items.

Any questions about our funds, please direct them to Susan Finch.