Children’s Lifesaving Foundation helps at risk and homeless children

Children’s Lifesaving Foundation helps at risk and homeless children and teens transform their lives through education, compassion, and living assistance. Our Santa Monica Chapter donated a bunch of binkies to these teens. Teens are the ones most underserved by programs such as ours because people always seem to like to make little items that are cute for babies and toddlers. The teens need binkies more than ANY group we serve!

Dearest Sue & Sara:

We cannot thank you ENOUGH for the extraordinarily beautiful blankets and baby goods that BPSantaMonica donated to the Children’s Lifesaving Foundation!

All we can say is, WOWWW! I have included a few photos, from the moms in our Vita Network, as we are indeed saving most of them for our Holiday events, as I mentioned. But we could NOT resist giving away a few, as they were so amazing.

Please, please THANK ALL OF YOUR AMAZING MEMBERS, and if you do not mind, we will be writing a blog post about this soon on our website, and I will link to your website, as well…:)

Again, we are overjoyed, humbled, and thrilled…

I have included a few VERY “Happy” photos, below! :)))
Our very best & thanks,


The CLF 🙂

A bit about Children’s Lifesaving Organization:

”Transforming the lives of LA’s Homeless &
At-Risk youth & Families…Together.”

This is our tagline, the crucial idea behind our Mission and our work here at the Children’s Lifesaving Foundation.

After over twenty fulfilling, challenging and exemplary years of doing this work, we have seen that this notion is one that keeps not only our work alive, but is one, if expanded, can change the course of the entire world…

When you look at the ways in which the work of non-profits can impact the good of their local communities, there is a second effect, something we like to call the Hope Effect- the idea that what’s good for one is truly good for all, that there is more than enough to go around, and that we are entitled to have the richest, most content life ever- filled with opportunities, love, warm family connections, fulfilling work and life-changing experiences. This “Hope Effect” enables the entire family to achieve the greatness they deserve, highlighting and encouraging their value as self-sufficient, thriving, active members of their community.

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