Doesn’t every chapter have one?

Area Coordinator, Angela Largent ran out of room in her house for her ever growing chapter in Crawfordsvill, IN.  She put the word out that Binky Patrol needed a new home.  One man came through — with an entire house — rent free for three months.

Two more ladies working at Houston Unit on quilting day, Nelda Carpenter, in the blue, is 95 years old.

Ladies at Houston Unit on Quilting day.

Most of trhe chapter volunteers live in nursing homes.

This is part of the blankets turned in today, we had 47 altogether, at our Binky House.
This is the corner inwhich our Award hangs.
This picture was taken at Lane House, some of the ladies making quilts. The one at the end of the table is my Mom, Iva Anderson, she is 92 and still going pretty strong.
That is Teresa Pickett, a volunteer on the right, helping.