Making the most of things when they don’t go right

Making the most of things when they don’t go right, Crooked Brook is generous in donating blankets to Binky Patrol chapters. Boo boos happen, but it doesn’t mean that the binky isn’t soft and washable! Learn more about Crooked Brook here >

Crooked Brook offers wholesale fleece blanketspersonalized fleece blanketscustom sweatshirt blankets and wholesale sweatshirt blankets. The method of decoration they use to customize blankets is embroideryand when mistakes happen (or sometimes it is just a smudge that can be washed out), they have perfectly good blankets they can’t sell as first quality. These blankets are ideal for cutting down and crocheting around the edges or making No Sew Fleece Blankets. 

As you all know, the no sew fleece have become the community service solution for teens and those working off court hours. We love their support in this effort. All binkies help – as long as they are soft, washable and from the heart – and Crooked Brook has heart! 

These are really cozy blankets, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them other than an embroidery mistake or a smudge that can be washed out. Our Ohio chapter received the ones you see in this article years ago. It’s nice to reconnect with the supportive company doing what THEY do – to help!