180 blankets have arrived!

Austin can't wait to open the boxes of binkies - enable images to see.Once again the Fed Ex truck parked outside and spent some time bringing box after box of beautifully knit and crocheted binkies. There were also a handful of quilted and fleece ones.  Overall 180 blankets have arrived!

Austin was so excited. He remember this from last year and was quick with the box cutter to start opening and hugging the binkies.

We want to extend our gratitude to Debbie Macomber for including Binky Patrol in this annual effort of Knit One, Bless Two.  We spent hours going through the lovely, thoughtful and cozy binkies knitted, crocheted, sewn and tied by this group of women who follow Debbie Macomber.

Bags of binkies from Deb Macomber and crewWe have binkies that we are already sending to Joplin, Missouri, but these will be delivered this week to Northwest Children’s Outreach and surrounding area shelters in the Portland, Oregon area.

We bag all binkies here because it turns from sunshine to rain so quickly.  We want to thank all volunteers who made these beautiful demonstrations of unconditional love. Some sent notes, some sent prayers, some sent tags that made us laugh, "Grandma Riding Her Broom."