Dear Family,

I know you miss us a lot in Oregon.  Why don’t you live here?  I like it a lot. It’s not hot.  I get to jump in puddles a lot and see rainbows!

I love my daddy so much.  Fathers’ Day was fun with my baby brother, Austin Thomas.  We went to a beach but didn’t bring our babing suits because I don’t know how to swim.  But Austin will probably learn before me.  I don’t want to get my hair wet.

I ran really fast on the beach and threw sand on everyone.  It was an accident. I was faster than my brother, Dash. I made a sand castle for daddy, but we had to leave it.  Other kids will touch it.

We ate pizza.  Austin fussed. It was fun.



This ensemble is courtesy of:

Boots, shorts and shirt – Camryn LaForge

Sweater – Malena Berndt

Amazing how it all comes together!

I think the socks and Strawberry Shortcake hat complete the look!