Our Festival is over. What an experience. Lots of fun along with the work. Met a lot of nice, caring people, and some who just don’t get the concept of giving something to someone else.

It would be worth doing again next year and we have already been offered our fee by the same group who did it this time. They did come to our booth and ask if someone from our group could come to one of their meetings and tell them what we are about.

One young woman stopped at our booth and said she couldn’t sew but wondered what we were about. She was VERY pregnant and it was hot outside. The way our booth was set up we had made our own shade. We invited her in to look closely and the quilts. Eventually she sat down while we talked and I answered her questions. She wanted to help but didn’t know what to do. As the conversation went on I had explained how hard it is for me to go into businesses and ask for help. She said she was in Marketing and that was easy for her. She asked if she could come to one of our meetings. I welcomed her with open arms. In my bungling way, I didn’t get her name but she has mine, and my address and driving directions to my house. She was a very nice woman, and I hope to hear from her.

One of our ladies who lives just a few blocks from the where the Festival was held, showed up to eat her lunch in the shade of our booth.

Ernalee — photos to come soon.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a success.