I wanted to thank you and the Binky patrol organization, Brownie and Girl Scout troops for the wonderful, adorable and beautiful blankets you gave my children. You do not know how much it touched our heats.

As you know it is a hard and trying time for my family, being without daddy and my husband. My children are little soldiers in their own special way. It was sure nice to give them a special blanket while their daddy is defending the freedom of our country. It truly brightened my little girl’s day. She took it to school the next day for share time. She knows these blankets are not given to everyone. You have to be special. She knows she is being thanked for letting her Daddy go to war.

I wish the people who made her blanket could have seen her face as you gave it to her. She grabbed the blanket and put is so close to her heart!! She had such joy in her face. She has been going through a hard time.

You know our family is not in financial need, however, the comfort we received from these blankets is so great, and was so needed. It is truly appreciated, and truly has touched our hearts. We are so overwhelmed with happiness. We have shown so many of our family and close friends and they are elated too!

We have the other two blankets downstairs in the den to use, and so everyone can see them.

Please tell everyone thank you so much. They will never know how much they truly touched our lives, by comforting us with the gift of these beautiful blankets!