This is required reading.  We are running into some troubles with some chapters who are modifying the chapter report, not sending in documentation, etc.  Please read this. 

The following information is already stated in the Area Coordinators’ Manual (handbook), but it seems that many folks are somewhat rewriting how they want to adhere to our policies for running a chapter.  This procedure is UNACCEPTABLE. We want to keep our 501c3 status in good standing and keep the IRS off our backs.  Because of a few chapters, we are in a bit of hot water in one or two states and need to get back on track.

We have been having troubles with chapters not filing reports within the following quarter of the reporting quarter.  We are also having troubles with missing back up paperwork.  BPHQ can no longer verify chapter donations without the proper and timely documentation.

You MUST file your chapter reports quarterly.  It is stated in the manual that we file quarterly reports — not annual.  It really confuses accounting and puts us way behind. This is not acceptable. ALL chapters MUST file their reports quarterly – no excuses.

DO NOT modify the chapter reports.  We have to have a standard reporting format and every chapter report that is modified from the online version takes an additional 3 – 6 hours of accounting time to process.  Use the chapter report AS IS and make your stuff fit into the categories.  When you have a question – ask Susan Finch:

In order for BPHQ to acknowledge and verify the donations you say you have received and the money you have spent for your chapters you MUST send in ORIGINAL receipts with a printed copy of your chapter reports and EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT forms.

NO COPIES will be accepted. No exceptions.

If you hold a “special event” you must fill out the special event form.  It is linked in the AC manual and in the AC section of the website.


I know you all know because many of you have had quilt guild experience, etc., but, let’s just set the record straight:  An “Opportunity Drawing” is a DRAWING for ONE ITEM — usually a quilt/binky.  It is not a special event.  Please visit the Opportunity Drawing section of the website if you are unfamiliar with this type of fundraiser.  Many events also have a drawing associated with them — but they are separate.  There is the EVENT and the DRAWING.  PLEASE — one cannot be combined with the other.

Reminder — NO CHAPTER may open Binky Patrol bank accounts to accept donations.  This is becoming a big liability for us and we having difficulty keeping track of the parts we need to be accountable to the IRS for. 

PLEASE — all money is donated to BPHQ.  Those who have a bank account with the Binky Patrol name must close those accounts.  Donations via check can only be accepted if they are made out to “Binky Patrol” – not to an individual.  All checks are deposited, accounted for and turned around from BPHQ.  They must be mailed to the PO Box.

If you receive cash, you must account for it all — how much is received, how much is sent to BPHQ (20% ) and how it is spent with ORIGINAL receipts.

Thank you,

Susan Finch, Founder

Please fill out your report at this link:

Thank you for reading and adhering to our policy.