This article is in answer to a many emails from people who say they want to help make blankets, but don’t know how to donate them, where to send them, etc.  Please read this article to get these answers.

If you want to help or have your church, school or group make binkies – please click on “ways to help” above in the buttons for many ideas.

You can also do a site search for PATTERNS to get ideas of how easy it is to make binkies.

Learn about Bink-A-Thons here.

Learn how to host your own bink-a-thon here.

Want to make the easy no-sew fleece binkies?  Try this link.

Now that you have your binkies made, what’s next?

Please use the dropdown menu at the top of the web page to find a local chapter.  The only official Binky Patrol chapters are those in the list.

No chapter near you?  You may send your finished binkies to Binky Patrol Headquarters and follow these instructions.

You can also mail them to one of two locations:

Carolyn Berndt, Director
Binky Patrol
145 North Lemon
Orange, CA 92866

Susan Finch, Founder
PO Box 652
Beaverton, OR 97075-0652

OR her house:
6490 SW Elm Avenue
Beaverton, OR 97005

If you still have questions after going through these resources, please let us know.