The California Job’s Daughters Philanthropic Project for 2005


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Remember your blanky? That tattered, threadbare square of cloth with a name and power to protect you from all the scary stuff you confronted as a kid?

Now imagine that your world is at its scariest because you have this disease and your mommy and daddy are always crying and you feel so weak and you’re so scared. And you have no blanky.

Or imagine that the police has taken you from the home you have known and placed you into a receiving home or emergency foster care, you are scared and alone. Children that are removed from drug situations are not allowed to take anything with them.

There is an organization that provides comfort blankets to the children and teens who are ill, abused, or experiencing any type of trauma and need comfort. This organization has 40 chapters in California and 150 nation wide.

That organization has made and handed out more than 175,000 blankies in seven years. That organization is the Binky Patrol.

Binkies can be sewn, crocheted, quilted or cut from squares of cloth with fringes tied at the end. They should be at least 36 inches square and easy to care for. Parents have enough to worry about, without having to follow fabric-care instructions. The comforting effect of a binky is not limited to the your children, either. Kids are typically amazed and happy to get a binky, but “especially the teen boys, because they are so used to being skipped over. A teen boy will go to mush when you give him a binky.”

We are asking the Bethels to make binkies, we have patterns and instructions for you. The binkies that are made by a bethel will be donated to the closest chapter in their area. We are also asking the Bethels to keep in mind, when they plan their projects, that if they raise $150.00 it will buy enough material to make 100 binkies.

Most of the money raised for the project will be distributed to the California chapters. They will use the money for postage, printing, batting and other supplies to make binkies. A portion will be for Binky Patrol national, the money will be used to print banners, labels, buttons and other items that all chapters benefit from to help promote their efforts at local events.

Ed Hensley
Associate Grand Guardian