March 3 – 2001 – lot of sunshine.

Can’t beat a sunny day in Laguna for a parade!
The Patriot’s Day parade is a 35 year tradition to honor all patriot’s and carry through the spirit throughout the year.

We passed out ziploc baggies with a square of muslin, brochure and instructions asking people to touch a child’s life and draw on a square, mail it to us and we’ll make it into a binky.

We were so grateful for the sunshine. It was an incredibly fun day.  Susan Finch, Lisa Nagurski, Miriam Siegel, Carolyn Berndt, Mary Uht from North Long Beach her friend, Mary and her daughter Anna, William Nagurski, Lisa’s kids – Jason, Brandon, and adopted  son – Thomas all joined in the fun.  The Binky Float was driven, once again by Sheldon and Lynette Abbott.

Binky Patrol took 3rd Prize in our category.  Last year’s parade – it rained and rained and were soaked and cranky.  This year we’re all ready planning for next year!

Bernadette Whelan from Lucy Max Cheers us on from the street.  We had such a warm welcome from the entire crowd.  It was very touching.  I think we won the prize because we were mushy more than anything!