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Prepackaged craft kits to encourage kids to create while giving back and helping.

This group has a wonderful idea where EVERYONE involved benefits. Sound familiar? Check them out 

A message from founder, Lily Yeh:
As a mother of 2, I was in search of a way to have my young children involved in giving back to the community. I wasn’t able to find much given the age restrictions of most volunteer opportunities. So I set up, Little Loving Hands. We provide pre-packaged children craft kits where the final craft is donated to contribute towards supporting a philanthropic cause and charity. Our mission is to provide a fun and educational method for parents and caretakers to engage children in learning about the importance of being kind and giving back to others. Within each kit, we provide not only the materials for the project, but also documents and other fun items to reinforce what the children are working on and how they are helping others. Furthermore, we also grant a percentage of sales to the spotlighted organization. Our subscriber base grows everyday!
Here is a video for more information on the process