12/13/96 Mach Meter

Cannon wife Lisa Strehlau belongs to the Binky Patrol and is out to recruit others to join her team in time for Christmas.

The Binky Patrol began as a nonprofit organization by California business owner, Susan Finch, for the purpose of making comforting covers, or “binkies,” for children in need.

These blankets are for HIV-positive or drug-addicted babies and children in shelters, foster homes, or up for adoption due to AIDS, drug abuse and physical abuse.   These children range in age from 1 day to 18 years.

Strehlau saw Roush on an Oprah Winfrey television show June 21 which was dubbed “National Day of Compassion.”

Roush asked for volunteers in an effort that requires a small investment of time.  Strehlau called the number given on the air and offered to donate her time to the Binky Patrol.

Now the area coordinator for Clovis, Strehlau, the wife of Ssgt. Ed Strehlau of the 523rd Fighter Squadron, has recruited eight other local people to help with the Binky Patrol.

Strehlau said becoming a member of the Binky Patrol is a great way to meet new friends and neighbors, give something of themselves and express their own creativity.

“Some of these people make blankets, others cut fabric, ” Strehlau said.  “Some of them even do the newsletter and donate postage.”

The size of the blankets range from a bassinet-sized 2 1/2 feet by 3 feet to a twin bed size for the older kids.  Any design goes – simple or complex – as long as they are soft and washable.

Strehlau said the Binky Patrol will provide some of the fabrics which they solicit from clothing manufacturers, but discontinued fabrics and remnants left over from sewing are also welcome.

The Clovis are blankets go to the Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence and for any need child who needs a blanket.

“We would like to get a delivery out by Christmas,” Strehlau said.