Miano Elementary – Los Banos, CA

Two classes of first graders from Miano Elementary School want to make the world a better place.  The students in Miss Amy Bugni’s and Miss Eleanor Jackson’s classes decided to help other children feel warm and cozy.

After studying about Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. and a little encouragement from their teachers the children drew pictures with fabric markers on unbleached muslin.  The teacher’s machine quilted the “binkies.”  (Some of the blankets were entered in the May Day Fair, and received first place ribbons.)  The children were excited to see their work in the fair and to help others in need.

Miss Jackson read about the Binky Patrol in an article of the San Jose Mercury, checked the Binky Patrol web site.  The students were put to work. 

Our class has a motto:
Love one another
Work togetgher
For a Better World
And when the students heard about the blankets, and saw pictures printed from your Binky Patrol web site, they knew this was a project they could complete successfully. As you can see, your great idea is making the world a better place!  We are so pleased to help with the work Susan started.  Thank you for the oppertunity to show our love, by helping other children.