First annual event.

 A successful Mother/Daughter binky-making event!

Story by:  Carolyn Berndt, South Orange County, California Binky Chapter

Date: March 22, 2007

A fun night was had by all at our first Mother/Daughter binky making party!  We had 11 girls, 10 moms and 1 grandma there.  Each “team” made a no-sew fleece binky.  Malena picked out all the fabric, so we had a lot of brightly colored ones!  We also played a few games and gave away some philanthropic prizes (a book about young girls who have done heroic deeds, a handmade scarf whose proceeds went to the Sea Lion Rescue, and Adopting an Animal Program at the Santa Ana Zoo).

The timing on our party was perfect – 2 days later, the Windy Ridge fires raged near our neighborhood, burning over 2000 acres and forcing mandatory evacuations for over 1000 homes.  We took the binkies to the local high school where the Red Cross had set up an emergency shelter.   

Another binky making party will definitely be in the works soon!