Rebekah Highcock, Area Coordinator



The spirit of Aloha is indeed alive and well in Hawaii!

The New Chapter of Binky Patrol on Oahu is thriving thanks to you!  The response has been absolutely overwhelming.  We are still receiving calls daily from people wanting to participate.

Our next meeting will be held on the 12th of July.  It will be what our Binky Angels are refering to as a “Stitch-N-Gab”.  It is an opportunity for everyone to to learn new tricks of the trade, sew, knit, crotchet and, of course, gab.  If you are intrested in attending, contact the Area Coordinator at the info above.

A second meeting will be held on the 24th of July.  This meeting will be a regular meeting, entailing all of the usual Binky Business.  Please feel free to stop by.  Again, if you would like to attend, contact the AC.

A websight for BP Hawaii is in the works; as soon as it is up and approved, a link will be put here.

A huge Mahalo to all who have made this chapter of BP possible.  We have been so blessed with a ton of fabric and sewing supplies.  God Bless you all!

We WILL be participating in the National BINK-A-THON.  Keep your eyes peeled for more info:-).

Anyone who would like to donate Binkies or materials to our chapter may send them to:

Binky Patrol Hawaii

500 B Acacia Road

Pearl City, Hawaii  96782

Mahalo Everyone! 

God Bless and always remember,

 Love Covers All!