Our Portland Delivery Team

Our Portland Delivery Team – who demands to remain anonymous, is busy this week!  They came today and picked up 71 binkies that arrived yesterday via Fed Ex from Debbie Macomber as a result of her Knit 1, Bless 2 campaign. WOW!  Today, 7 more boxes arrived.  Total is over 200 binkies, bibs, hats, etc.

Fed Ex bringing 7 boxes today.These blankets from Debbie Macomber’s, "Knit 1, Bless 2" campaign will be delivered to Yolanda House Battered Women’s Shelter for children and moms, a local clinic that is usually forgotten by most charities and Northwest Children’s Outreach serving over 121,000 children and teens in the Pacific Northwest.

From Debbie Macomber:
My Dear Friends:

I always say I have the most caring, generous readers in the world, and now’s the time for all of you who knit or crochet to prove I’m right!

"I invite you to pick up your needles and join me in helping infants and children in need across the country in an initiative worthy of our time, talent and yarn. That initiative is KNIT1, BLESS2, a Mother’s Day outreach that will provide our hand-knitted and crocheted baby blankets and garments to three national charities that help these precious, needy children. The three organizations are: Newborns in Need, Project Linus and The Binky Patrol. "

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